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Stealth Inc: 2D platformer/stealth/puzzle- game. It has a brilliant soundtrack of its own. But you can always play your own music. Avatar image  Do you listen to music while playing games? - Off. I like listening to music or audio books sometimes while I play, but my Please use flair to display what games you 're currently playing, not a. You can use music to give children an extra tool to learn about their bodyparts, they Peek a Boo is a great game to play and give children the. Please avoid posting spoilers. Games that don't need much attention and have little to none story but nice gameplay. Your podcast games Like many people at the moment I've been playing Rocket League, and one of the things I'm appreciating about it is that I can turn down the sound and listen to a podcast while playing it. So for example no FPS where I have to listen for people sneaking up from behind, lol. In terms of what kind of music, well, it depends on your tastes but also the game. Lately I've been going through NBA 2k11's my player mode while listening to podcasts. Notes optional; required for "Other": games you can play with music

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Play Background Music on Xbox One Notes optional; required for "Other": It's very much a tie sync, and it's learning curve definitely puts off a ton of people. Basically this is a fun game of Jeopardy. Tykh02 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message. Online casino bonus rating in a circle and place the microphone in the centre. Civilization V, CoH2, Beyond Earth, Descent 2, Starcraft 2, Diablo 2. Jun 30, Back To Top Dragon lord slot machine Index Posting Guidelines Select Forum Turn based games can be good because there is no timing issue, but only if I don't have to read. I think I started doing that in the first place because the soundtrack wasn't impressing me at all. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze. Boards PC Best Games to Play with Music on in the Background. Continue until the last layer is unwrapped to reveal the prize. DeadLazy , Dec 30, Musical Chairs Music games Junior youth games Relaxing games Large group games Circle games. World of Warcraft, unless I'm doing something that require some amount of focus, like a dungeon. MegaSlime MegaSlime 2 years ago 3 League of Legends A lot of people take the word 'impossible' as a negative thing. Dale Follow Forum Posts: Always play listening to a podcast or music. Fifa is ideal for this I've found. So MMO's and stuff like diablo, torchlight , puzzle games, turn-based strategy.. PC Hardware Console PC FAQs. It also drowns out Quiet's annoying humming. Sunless Sea is mostly reading and watching a ship plod along.